About Coach Jerry Sazio

Jerry Sazio was head football coach at Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia from 1963-1974 and is the most successful football coach in the school’s history.  He had a winning record of 86-31-4.

In his collegiate years Sazio was one of William & Mary’s renowned “Iron Indians.”  He played three positions with the Indians, including guard, tackle, and linebacker.  In his senior year he was voted the Player of the Week in the Southern Conference.  He served as co-captain on the 1954 William & Mary team.

After college, Jerry was drafted by the Chicago Bears but chose to go to the Canadian League to be closer to his brother, Ralph Sazio.  Coach married his college sweetheart, Dorothy Bailey, a former Maury and W&M cheerleader and Miss Virginia.  The Sazios have three children and still reside in the Tidewater area.

Coach Sazio left a lasting impression on his former players.  He had a way of bringing together a diverse student body that may have otherwise been at odds with each other. Many of his players fondly recall their time on the field with their beloved coach. His players look forward to the annual Jerry Sazio Football Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament as an opportunity for some camaraderie and friendly competition.

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